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Photo Strip Asheville offers a beautifully designed and restored vintage camper photo booth.

Inside this 1967 Shasta Compact is a unique photo booth experience that will add a unique element to any event!

We designed this photo booth for to match the event and wedding trends of Asheville and the surrounding area. We used lots of rustic wood elements, beautifully-chic textured wallpaper, and splashes of champagne gold to really make the camper pop.

Make a statement at your next event with the Vintage Camper Photo Booth!

Impress Your Guests!

Be unique and set the bar high. Your guests will love the Vintage Camper Photo Booth!

It’s perfectly designed for weddings, festivals, corporate or charity events.

With such a small footprint, we can even take the vintage camper photo booth inside many event venues!


The Details…..

We wanted to create a photo booth experience that was unique to the Asheville area. We analyzed the wedding and event trends and put together a rustic-chic photo booth that we thought would be a hit.

We chose rustic woods and champagne gold as our main pallet and then thoughtfully decorated and choose accent pieces to match.

All The Benefits…..

With the Vintage Camper Photo Booth you get all the benefits of Photo Strip Asheville’s modern open photo booth – in a unique presentation that will really impress!

All the same options/extras are available with the camper booth as the open style booth.



Our goal for the interior was to keep as much of the classic interior features in tack as possible while updating her to a more modern rustic-chic finish.

We kept the original cabinets and stove in place and and added a stylish gold back splash with reclaimed wood trim. We brightened the camper up by painting her white and adding beautiful textured wall paper.

We are loving the combination of modern photo booth with vintage- chic.

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